Fluxgate-Induction Sensor

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Fluxgate-Induction Sensor

  • Fluxgate-Induction Sensor

The US government's Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) was interested in detecting unexploded ordnance (UXO), meaning explosive weaponry like grenades, shells and land mines that pose an explosive hazard in some areas. In order to refine detection and location capabilities, both AC and DC magnetic measurements were desired. However, existing sensors were bulky and obtaining both types of measurements required two different types operated simultaneously, increasing system size, weight and cost, and resulting in potential interference from one sensor affecting the other's measurements.

QUASAR Federal Systems developed a compact configuration that integrated a fluxgate magnetometer and a proprietary induction sensor. Both sensors used the same material for their operational cores, which ameliorated the problem of "crosstalk" from one contaminating the other's measurements. The QFS fluxgate-induction sensor offers a unique capability to perform the necessary measurements in a portable, compact form factor that is ideal for the application. QFS was issued a US patent on the highly innovative device in 2008.