Underwater EM Sensing

Underwater EM Sensing

E-field Sensing Buoy

e-field sensing bouyQFS has created a sophisticated underwater E-field sensing buoy called the “Aphros” system. Aphros is based on our proprietary underwater electrodes, which offer long lasting performance that doesn't degrade with wet/dry cycling. Aphros's robust, user-friendly configuration simplifies operations while its technological advances deliver advanced performance.
The system offers the following advantages:

  • Compact sensors that can fit into an A-size sonobuoy package
  • E-field sensor noise floor of less than 1 nV/rtHz above 1 Hz
  • Large effective aperture along vertical axis
  • Robust "dry" electrodes
  • Low power requirements
  • Low cost

Seabottom Based Receiver

sea-bottom based receiverQFS has developed a new class of electric and magnetic field sensors and integrated them with the high performance electronics and data storage systems to create the QMax EM3 ocean-bottom electromagnetic receiver. This innovative, compact receiver is designed to optimize operational efficiencies and produce the highest quality data possible for processing and analysis. More information is available from QFS's division, Quasar Geophysical Technologies, which focuses on commercial applications of the QMax.