Electric Field Sensing

Electric Field Sensing

Gunfire Detection and Location

  • gunfire detection

QFS has developed an E-field measurement based gunfire location system. We are currently working on a project to integrate the system into the gunner's turret on a HUMVEE, but the concept has potential applicability to various modalities, including aircraft-based systems, personal gunfire location and detection (mounted on helmets or in body armor), stationary systems for both Dept. of Defense and civilian applications, and shipboard systems. The system both detects fire passing by it and provides location information to indicate the direction of the projectile's origination.

Airborne UAV/UAS Based Sensing

  • Airborne UAV sensing

In addition to our airborne direction finding and geolocation work, QFS is developing E-field measurement systems for mounting on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems. Under funding from DARPA, QSF has executed a project investigating the potential of such a system for measurements of lightning processes, including charge distributions in clouds. Further work is planned to perfect real time data streaming to support weather nowcasting and warning systems.

Our systems cover a variety of bandwidths and can be adapted for different applications and form factors – please contact us if you'd like to know more about them.

Electrostatic Monitoring

  • Electrostatic sensor

QFS has developed a static electric voltage detection system that can be adapted to various configurations. It can be worn on worker's hat or sleeve to detect the buildup of potentially dangerous electrostatic charge in the vicinity, or mounted in doorways to screen personnel or items entering a facility. Based on this technology, QFS developed a commercial sensor that can be incorporated into fabrication processes to warn of charge buildup that can damage sensitive electronics such as semiconductors.