Technical Breakthroughs

QFS developing Underwater Electromagnetic Receiver
The Quasar Geophysical website is now live and can be found at More detailed information on our underwater EM receiver can be found on this site.

QFS System successfully detects lightning hazard
QFS is developing a system that promises to provide warning of lightning strikes. In July of 2003, our electric field sensor system was used successfully to detect precursor signals from a lightning strike a few kilometers away. Recently, we began work on a new 2-year program to design, build, test, and demonstrate a compact, robust system that may be able to provide warning of an imminent strike. In addition, the QFS system has the ability to provide information about lightning strikes that have already occurred, including direction and distance to the strike. If successful, the QFS system will be the first-ever, compact, low cost lightning detection system for use in facilities ranging from private homes to large fixed base facilities, in mobile platforms in marine and ground environments, and in State and National forest fire prevention efforts.

QFS demonstrates first ever system for measuring the complete 3D electromagnetic field
In June 2004, QFS demonstrated a three-axis electric and magnetic field sensor system. The system combines the company’s state-of-the-art sensors to provide the first ever capability to measure the complete electromagnetic field at low frequency. The system is compact, cost effective, and easy to use. Offering almost perfect orthogonality with no set up time, it eliminates the hours of field alignment typically required using conventional techniques. This technology has multiple applications in military security and geophysical exploration.

QFS has developed a wearable electrostatic charge detection system
Under SBIR from NASA, QFS has developed a static electric voltage system that can be adapted to various configurations. One modality is a sensor that can be worn on a worker’s hat or sleeve to detect the buildup of potentially dangerous electrostatic charge in the vicinity. The system is also adaptable to mounting on doorways to screen personnel or items entering a facility, or on the surface of sensitive equipment to warn of a charge building up in its vicinity. This system has applicability to any industry in which charge buildup near flammable material is a concern, and also to industries involving sensitive electronics that can be damaged by electrostatic discharge. More Information

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