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NASA Silver Achievement Medal

NASA Silver Achievement Medal
QUASAR Federal Systems has been awarded a Silver Achievement Medal by NASA for our work on UAV-based E-field measurements for lightning research, tests for which were conducted at Kennedy Space Center. QFS mounted its innovative sensors on UAVs and flew the planes into storms to acquire lightning process E-field data.

DARPA Service Chiefs' Fellows visit QUASAR Federal Systems
Members of the DARPA Service Chiefs' Fellows Program visited QUASAR Federal Systems on January 14, 2015. QFS was selected by DARPA as an example of a successful high tech company and an effective DARPA performer. We spent a few hours discussing QFSs work and seeing our equipment. QFSs CTO and CEO, Drs. Lowell Burnett and Yongming Zhang, appear at the far left.
DARPA Service Chiefs' Fellows visit QUASAR Federal Systems

QUASAR Federal Systems' Phase II SBIR proposal selected by Army for negotiation
QFS's Phase II SBIR proposal "Electric-Field Gunshot Detection System" has been awarded a contract by the Army for negotiation of contract award. The goal of this project is to develop and demonstrate a gunshot detection system based on QFS's electric field sensors that can be mounted on vehicles as well as function in a free-standing mode.

QUASAR Federal Systems awarded Phase II SBIR Contract by Air Force
QFS has been awarded a Phase II SBIR project called "VHF DF Antennas for SUAS." The goal of this project is to develop and demonstrate a VHF system suitable for mounting on a UAV that will perform Direction Finding on target signals.

QUASAR Federal Systems awarded contract under DARPA's MEDS program
QUASAR Federal Systems received a contract valued at more than $1 million from DARPA to investigate the use of a combined MRI and Quadrupole Resonance (QR) modality for standoff explosives detection. QFS CTO Dr. Lowell Burnett, who has extensive experience in this field, will serve as PI.

QUASAR Federal Systems names Dr. Yongming Zhang as CEO
Dr. Yongming Zhang, who previously served as VP of Research and Development at QFS, has been named CEO of the organization. Dr. Zhang has been with the company since its inception and has led many successful efforts, including programs with NASA, DARPA and the US Army. Among other projects, Dr. Zhang will lead a push to expand our UAV-based sensing efforts for atmospheric research, DoD and commercial applications.

QFS selected as EM sensor provider to NASA's Mars Instrument Development Program
QFS is working with the UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab (UCB-SSL) on a project to develop a prototype of a deployable instrument package with integrated EM sensors capable of subsurface sounding on Mars. The instrumentation will enable the detection of liquid water at depths of several km beneath the subsurface of Mars. Detecting and characterizing liquid water is a core measurement relevant to the climate history and astrobiological potential of Mars, as well as to the identification of resources that may be accessible to future human missions. QFS is responsible for integration of our electronic and magnetic sensing technology, noise mitigation techniques, and testing of the sensing devices.

QFS and Novx/MKS Instruments Release a Remote Voltage Measurement System for Manufacturing Processes
QFS and Novx/MKS Instruments, a leading supplier of ESC/ESD-related monitoring instruments, cleanroom and ESD protective work area monitoring and control solutions, have released the first product of their Strategic Alliance Agreement. This dime-sized Product Voltage Sensor interfaced to the Novx/MKS Series 7000 Instrument will monitor at remote distance the charge generated by semiconductor wafers in motion. The system is much more compact and sensitive than any existing system on the market today.

  • Dime-sized (less than 1" in diameter and 3/16" in height)
  • Measurement range of up to 1 meter from target
  • Real-time data collection and reporting
  • SPC of received data and direct interface to process equipment controller
  • Cost-effective capability for SEMI-E78 compliance testing
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