About Us

QUASAR Federal Systems produces innovative electromagnetic sensing systems based on our state-of-the-art electric and magnetic sensing technology. Our team of technical and scientific experts works to produce solutions developed with clients’ needs in mind – compact, integrated sensing systems with targeted outputs providing the information the client needs. We provide a full sensing service - tailored systems and expert consultation to produce an accurate result.

Application areas:
 • Underground/
   Underwater Sensing
 • Surface Applications
 • Airborne Sensing
 • Beyond Earth

QFS has extensive experience in government contracting, with DCAA-audited accounting and employees well versed in government contract requirements. We have served as both prime and subcontractors on major projects and have been awarded contracts from the Army, the Navy, DARPA, DTRA and the National Science Foundation. QFS’s facility is located in San Diego, California. We maintain an 11,500 sq. ft. facility with a comprehensive range of advanced electronic instrumentation, including state-of-the-art electric and magnetic field modeling capabilities and calibration systems.

Our Founder

On January 8, 2015 QUASAR Federal Systems lost our Founder Dr. Andrew Dennis “Andy” Hibbs. Andy was a well known and respected figure in the low frequency electromagnetic community who was responsible for an extensive array of innovations, including the technology that forms the basis of our work. His energy, enthusiasm and love of learning created a legacy of achievement that motivates us every day in everything we do. To honor Andy, we do what he loved – pushing the boundaries of established knowledge to achieve new capabilities and executing our work with joy, discipline, enthusiasm, and skill.

Andy Hibbs

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